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At Home Thyroid Health Screening Test

Thyroid screening for men and women
Lab results in 2-5 days
100% pain free
Free shipping
Temporarily unavailable in NY state
Collection Method: Finger prick


The At Home Thyroid Screening Test measures your thyroid levels in order to determine an imbalance.


What is an At Home Thyroid Health Screening Test?
The thyroid is a tiny gland with a butterfly-like form that is located behind and beneath Adam’s apple. A thyroid’s capacities can be hampered by a variety of variables, such as hormone imbalances, mineral shortages, and environmental contaminants, which can result in health issues. Up to 60% of thyroid disease sufferers are unaware of their condition. According to statistics, women are seven times more likely than males to experience thyroid issues.

By using an at-home thyroid health screening test from Test kits, you may check for any potential thyroid-based health hazards and get an early diagnosis of any thyroid issues.

Included: 1 Thyroid Screening Kit, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope (Postage Paid)

Our quick, simple, and risk-free at-home thyroid health test can give you a clear and accurate picture of your thyroid’s present health.

Related symptoms include:


Despite diet and exercise, you gain weight or are unable to reduce weight

Experiencing constant cold

Low energy and endurance, especially at night

Gaps in memory or slow/fuzzy thinking

Itchy, thin, and dry skin

Having brittle or dry hair and nails

Hair fall

Abnormal bowel habits

Irregular menstrual periods


Significant or sudden weight loss

Irregular or fast heartbeat


Anxiety or irritation


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