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At Home Postmenopause Test

Postmenopause screening for women
Lab results in 2-5 days
100% pain free
Free shipping
Temporarily unavailable in NY state
Collection Method: Saliva sample

Original price was: $109.00.Current price is: $95.00.

The At Home Postmenopause Test measures your Estradiol and Progesterone levels in order to address metabolism changes, bone loss, decreased sex drive, sleep problems, and memory issues as a result of menopause.


What is an At Home Post menopause Test?
Your hormones can be checked at home with a post-menopause test from Test Kits to make sure they are functioning normally again. Serious disorders include altered metabolism, bone loss, diminished sex drive, sleep issues, and cognitive problems that can result from abnormal estradiol and progesterone levels, as well as other symptoms.

Included: 1 post-menopause testing kit, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope (Postage Paid)

Related symptoms include:

Sleep problems
Weight gain
Memory issues
Concentration issues
Hot flashes
vaginal dryness
Low sex drive

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for the At-Home Post menopause Test?
It only takes a small sample of saliva to determine your Pg and E2 levels. Before the test, there is no need to fast or make any other dietary or lifestyle changes. We also advise against stopping any medicine without first consulting your doctor.


What do the Results of My At-Home Post menopause Test Mean?
To better understand your hormonal health and make any dietary or lifestyle adjustments required to prevent metabolism changes, bone loss, decreased sex drive, sleep issues, and memory problems, your post-menopause test results will give you a thorough picture of your current Estradiol and Progesterone levels.


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