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Test Kits


Test Kits at-home anti-aging test

Anti-Aging screening for men and women
Lab results in 2-5 days
100% pain free
Free shipping
Temporarily unavailable in NY state
Collection Methods: Finger prick, Saliva sample

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The At Home Anti-Aging Test measures your Estradiol, Testosterone, Progesterone, fT3 (tri-iodothyronine), fT4 (thyroxine), TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), Cholesterol, and Triglycerides levels.


What is an At Home Anti-Aging Test?
A young body is a healthy body. The biomarkers in this panel work together to affect how quickly your body matures and are crucial to combating its effects. Unusual amounts can result in hazardous conditions. Fortunately, early diagnosis of the Test Kits at-home anti-aging test promotes improved clinical outcomes and allows you to implement healthy lifestyle adjustments to aid in the reversal of age-related disorders.

Included: 1 anti-aging test kit and a stamped, self-addressed envelope (Postage Paid)

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for the Test?
Your levels can be determined with just a simple fingers stick, a few drops of whole blood, and a sample of saliva. Prior to the test, there is no need to fast or make any other dietary or lifestyle changes. We also advise against stopping any medicine without first consulting your doctor.

What do the Results Mean?
In order to better understand your health and make any necessary dietary or lifestyle changes, the results of your anti-aging test will give you a complete picture of your current levels of estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, triiodothyronine, thyroxine, thyroid-stimulating hormone, triglycerides, and cholesterol.


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