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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Home Test (2-Pack)

Two (2) rapid antigen (Ag) tests
Results in 15 minutes
Reimbursable by insurance
Painless and easy swab
FREE shipping
Collection Method: Shallow Nasal Swab

Original price was: $18.00.Current price is: $17.00.

Rapid Antigen (Ag) test for COVID-19 with results in as little as 15 minutes at home.


COVID Testing Advisory: Save on At-Home Tests

Discover Affordable At-Home Testing with Your Health Insurance

Great news! Health insurers are now required to cover at-home COVID-19 tests, providing substantial savings for you and your family. You can benefit from these cost-effective options by simply ordering your test and filing for reimbursement directly through your insurance company.

Take Advantage of:

  • Test coverage at up to $17 per test
  • Up to 8 tests per person each month

Manufacturer Details: Celltrion DiaTrust™ the DiaTrust COVID-19 Ag Home Test offers a swift and convenient solution for COVID-19 testing. This lateral flow immunoassay is designed to qualitatively detect the nucleon capsid protein and receptor binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins. The test is performed using mid-turbinate swab samples.

Key Information:

  • Sample Collection: Direct mid-turbinate swab samples
  • Sample-to-Answer Time: Quick 15 minutes
  • FDA Status: Authorized under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for non-prescription home use (OTC)
  • Test Collection Kit: Utilizes non-invasive self-collected shallow nasal swab samples, reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19
  • Results: Available in as little as 15 minutes after sample collection

Who Should Get Tested? COVID-19 testing plays a crucial role in curbing the virus’s spread. Consider getting tested if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Exhibiting symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection
  • Coming into contact with a lab-confirmed COVID-19 infected individual
  • Recent travel to regions with a high number of COVID-19 cases
  • Working in industries like groceries, pharmacies, nursing homes, transportation, delivery services, warehousing, distribution, and banking
  • Living with chronic conditions or receiving immunosuppressive treatment

Emergency Warning Signs: If you experience severe COVID-19 symptoms such as difficulty breathing, persistent chest pain, confusion, or bluish lips, please do not order a test. Instead, seek immediate medical attention. Contact your healthcare provider or go to the nearest emergency room.

Included in the Kit: Your At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Ag Test kit includes all necessary components for a seamless testing experience.

Please note that this product has been authorized for use only under the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the detection of proteins from SARS-CoV-2. It is important to follow guidelines and adhere to safety measures.

Remember, the fight against COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. Stay informed, stay safe, and take advantage of the resources available to you.



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